Gadgets for Writers

Gadgets for writers is, as you might have guessed, a blog about the various gadgets, tools and devices that writers can use to make their lives easier and more productive. My aim here is to provide inspiration, ideas and information that will help any writer to choose the gadgets that they are most likely to find genuinely useful.

All too often people buy gadgets simply because they look smart, but my focus here is on practicality. If a gadget can make our lives easier to manage or help us to write more effectively then I think that represents a far better investment than one that will simply look good in our home office but never actually serve a useful purpose.

Who am I to offer my thoughts on the subject of gadgets for writers? Well, here at the Gadgets for Writers blog I write as The Gadget Man, but I am in fact a professional writer with more than twenty years of experience and more than a dozen conventionally published books under my belt.

I don’t provide my credentials to impress anyone (people reading this blog will soon learn that virtually anyone can succeed as a writer if they go about it in the right way, so I’m not particularly special in that respect) but to highlight the point that I have had lots of hands-on experience in using various gadgets with equally varying degrees of success. Since I’m a bit of a gadget enthusiast I thought it would be fun to blog about the topic and if other people are entertained or can benefit from me sharing my thoughts and ideas, so much the better.

That said, I’d like to formally welcome you to Gadgets for Writers. Whether you happen to be an aspiring writer, a seasoned professional or simply a fellow gadget enthusiast, I invite you to come on in, take a leisurely look around and feel free to subscribe to my free Gadget for Writers RSS feed.

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