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The Writer’s Bookshelf

The writer's bookshelf refers to the handful of books that every writer should have on hand to refer to as and when required.

ASUS Eee PC Netbooks

The ASUS Eee PC range of netbook computers is one that I think every writer should take a look at. The machines are small, light and convenient yet at the same time provide all the functionality that a writer, professional or otherwise, might need.

Six Essential Gadgets for Writers – Part II

There are six essential gadgets for writers that no serious writer can afford to be without. In this two-part series I identify those six essential gadgets for writers and provide details of the various devices that I am currently using in my own set up.

Six Essential Gadgets for Writers – Part I

There are six essential writing gadgets that nobody who writes for publication (or intends to get published) can do without. Of course, this is just my opinion, and there will no doubt be some readers who disagree with one or more of my six essentials, but outlining my view might at least get you thinking about your own feelings on the topic.