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iPad 3 for Writers

The Apple iPad is now in its third generation, and for any writer who hasn’t yet discovered the benefits of working with the iPad, now is the best possible time to put things right. Not only because the latest iPad (commonly dubbed the iPad 3) is the best of the bunch so far, but because the cost [...]

Computer Keyboards

Computer keyboards aren’t something that many people pay much attention to, but when you’re in the business of writing for extended periods, having a good keyboard can make a big difference, both in terms of productivity, and in terms of your health.

The Writer’s Bookshelf

The writer's bookshelf refers to the handful of books that every writer should have on hand to refer to as and when required.

SanDisk Cruzer Titanium U3 USB Flash Drive

The SanDisk Cruzer Titanium U3 USB Flash Drive (also referred to as a Smart Drive) is a great bit of kit for any writer who wants to make a backup copy of their work or take it from one computer to another – perhaps from a desktop to a laptop, or vice-versa.

ASUS Eee PC Netbooks

The ASUS Eee PC range of netbook computers is one that I think every writer should take a look at. The machines are small, light and convenient yet at the same time provide all the functionality that a writer, professional or otherwise, might need.

Six Essential Gadgets for Writers – Part II

There are six essential gadgets for writers that no serious writer can afford to be without. In this two-part series I identify those six essential gadgets for writers and provide details of the various devices that I am currently using in my own set up.