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2.0 Site Coming Soon

After leaving this website to fend for itself for several years, I am currently planning to bring it bang up to date with a new look, new features and new content. Why was I away for so long, you may ask? Well, the short answer is that I've been very busy writing other stuff, and writing about th [...]

iPad 3 for Writers

The Apple iPad is now in its third generation, and for any writer who hasn’t yet discovered the benefits of working with the iPad, now is the best possible time to put things right. Not only because the latest iPad (commonly dubbed the iPad 3) is the best of the bunch so far, but because the cost [...]

StoryCraft Story Creation Software

StoryCraft story creation software is designed for fiction writers who want to be able to take their raw ideas and transform then into fully-developed short stories, novels, and screenplays with far less fuss than you ever thought possible.

Plastic Logic Reader

The Plastic Logic Reader is one of the gadgets that I’m really looking forward to getting hold of just as soon as it becomes available here in the UK. If you haven’t heard of the Plastic Logic Reader it’s an electronic document reader that looks so good I could almost wax poetic.

The Writer’s Bookshelf

The writer's bookshelf refers to the handful of books that every writer should have on hand to refer to as and when required.